Acupuncture has been part of traditional medicine in China for 3000 years. It is very different from Western medicine because it is based on the history, philosophy and sociology of the individual, developing a unique understanding of the functions of the body. In Chinese medicine, the human body is composed of meridians (energy channels) which maintain a balance of mind, body and spirit. These meridians are associated with the internal organs and when imbalanced can be the main factor in contributing to poor health. Obstruction and weakness of energy flow in the meridians causes these imbalances. Each ailment is treated as a whole with an individualised treatment strategy based on the patient’s constitution rather than just symptoms.

Further COVID-19 Update (29th June 2020): reopening announcement.

I am pleased to let you know that in line with UK government and British Acupuncture Council (BACC) guidance I will be able to fully reopen the clinic with effect from 4th July onwards.

However, previous pre-screening and covid-19 security measures will remain in place for the foreseeable future.  These measures are outlined below.

I really appreciate your support in these difficult times, and I look forward to seeing new and returning clients.

Thank you

To book: Please email me at : or text / WhatsApp me on: 0795 878 9386 and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

The health and safety of my patients is my highest priority. I am following recommended guidance from Public Health England and the British Acupuncture Council (BACC), practising social distancing as much as possible, and taking measures to ensure a clean, stress-free environment for everyone.

To resume practice I am required by the BAC to ask that you sign a BAC-issued Consent Form which enables me to conduct an individual assesment before making an appointment.   I will be pre-screening patients over the phone and enacting the following measures to keep you and your loved ones safe by making my premises as Covid-19 secure as possible:

– Entrance will be via the garage, which is adjacent to my treatment room.  This will ensure clients do not need to go to any other part of my house; the only exception being, in urgent need, to use the adjacent downstairs toilet.

– I request that you go to the toilet before visiting, so as to minimise the likelihood that you will need to use my downstairs toilet and this toilet will not be used by anyone else during working hours.  I have 2 upstairs toilets which will be used only by myself and my husband.

– I will be wearing PPE, comprising a visor, mask and apron.  I also request that clients wear a mask and I have a supply of disposable masks, exclusively for the use of any clients who may need them.

– There will be a 30 minute gap between appointments, to allow for late-arrivals and over-runs without consecutive clients meeting each other and to enable me to clean all surfaces and contact areas visited by the previous client.

– There are no residents in the house where I work from, apart from my husband, who will remain in a separate part of the house at all times whilst I am working. 

– Hand sanitiser will be available at all times

I also request that you have read and understood the Government guidance on COVID-19 before entering the Clinic


The initial consultation will gain a history of the client’s symptoms, including circulation, digestion relating to diet, emotions and sleeping pattern. Diagnosis of health ailments includes observations of the tongue structure, colour and coating and pulses for their rhythm, quality and strength. The practitioner will analyse this information and make a diagnosis. An individual treatment strategy is developed for each condition.

Treatment is performed with the insertion of fine needles into the body at strategic acupuncture points. The needles used are exceptionally fine and disposable. You may feel a slight tingling or aching sensation when the needles activate the acupuncture point. The needles may stay in place for up to twenty minutes depending on the prescribed treatment.

There are several other techniques based on the principles of acupuncture and may be used as part of the treatment:


— Applying heat to specific points using a Chinese medicine called Artemis Vulgaris (mugwort).


— Attaching a glass cup over the skin surface to improve circulation and energy flow to clear local pain.


— Applying a ‘scraping’ type movement over the skin to alleviate pain.

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