Women having IVF in UK  or abroad have different arrangement with their IVF centres.  Clients going through IVF  in UK will have a package which includes a series of scans.  However, women who have an embryo donor from abroad will require scanning to monitor endometrial lining and will need to make their own arrangements for this.  There may also be other reasons – outside of what is provided in an IVF package and outside of NHS provision – why a pregnant mother needs to have a scan.  This can can be less stressful  if it is booked into a scan clinic which can tailor your requirements to suit your personal needs.  I recently referred a friend as well as my own clients to the Women’s Scan Clinic  for an immediate appointment.  I am impressed with their skill and knowledge and have had positive feedback from those who I have referred.

This service is run independently by another group of experienced medical teams with 30 years plus experience.

Pregnant clients may prefer to have another scan during  pregnancy or an early scan due to frequent miscarriages.  This can also be organised by self referral to the women’s scan clinic. Visit their website here:

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