Acupuncture for pregnancy

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Conception is a natural process created by two energetic life forces:an egg and sperm. The human body is like an “incubator” to provide an optimal environment for conception to take place. Conceptus is energetic life force going through the development of a baby. This spur of development process draws the energy almost completely away from the woman. The majority pregnant women feel a sense of fatigue and these increase their emotional sensitivities. There is no Western Medicine approach can be prescribed to improve the symptoms. Acupuncture treatment can promote calmness within herself. This in return will enhance the coping mechanism with the changes in her body. It is valuable for a pregnant woman in good health physically, mentally and emotionally to nurture the growing baby during the nine months of pregnancy.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is very commonly experienced by pregnant women in the early weeks of pregnancy. These symptoms can become debilitating to her depending on how she feels, and affect her ability to cope with the pregnancy and maintain nutrition. It is not easy to break the cycle since morning sickness can take place at any time of day. This is why it is difficult to categorise the level of impact on the individual and her daily life. Although antiemetic (anti sickness) medications can be used this would be the last resource from a medical practitioner. There are GP’s who will suggest acupuncture to pregnant woman rather than to consider drugs as the first approach. The principle in medicine for an early pregnancy is not to have any drugs unless medically required. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) advises that acupressure on the wrist can be a beneficial. However, everyone is individual to require a bespoke treatment tailored for her own constitution. Acupuncture treatment can be used to provide the care in line with the individual.
Read more about morning sickness on the NHS website

Elaine is fabulous – she is clearly a very skilled acupuncturist (she has vastly improved my menstrual cycle when nothing else has helped, helped me conceive and maintain a pregnancy, but also really boosted my general wellbeing) but just as importantly is wonderfully easy to talk to and always sympathetic and full of great advice. I would whole heatedly recommend her to anyone and regularly do!

Hel from Bray

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