Does acupuncture work?

Yes. Acupuncture is used to treat almost every ailment that you can think of! However, you may be looking at whether acupuncture can treat or improve a particular problem or medical condition. Evidence from research has concluded acupuncture treatment can benefit many conditions. It can be used to promote general well being due to the effect of a medical condition or medical treatment. This can enhance your immunity level if your medical condition makes you more susceptible to acquiring infection. It does not cure serious medical conditions such as heart conditions, cancer, lung diseases etc.

If you are suffering pain, acupuncture can improve pain. Nobody can guarantee the result. Similarly, in Western medicine approach it may work for some conditions but not for others. Research is still on going on in relation to other conditions. Please refer for further information to the British Acupuncture Council’s website.

Is acupuncture safe?

It is absolutely safe to consider. Registered Acupuncturists are trained for 3.5 years for the specific skills and knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine. To ensure that you are in the hand of a safe practitioner qualified to provide treatment it is recommended to search for an acupuncturist registered with the British Acupuncture Council.  Acupuncture treatment is safer than taking drugs given that there is no side effect from acupuncture treatment.

Do I need an acupuncture specialist in fertility or pregnancy related conditions?

Every acupuncturist has gained knowledge on how acupuncture benefits pregnancy during their training. There are acupuncturists who have medical background who will understand medical implications, the blood tests that you have had, the medications you are taking and why. This particular acupuncturist will recognise high or low risk pregnancy before making any care plan for acupuncture treatment and articulate it to your individual needs. This also applies for those considering an IVF programme. Some acupuncturists have undertaken study modules relating to fertility and pregnancy. Zita West has set up a network of affiliated acupuncturists throughout the UK and Ireland associated with fertility since 2008. Her website is informative and invaluable to all fertility clients. Find out more about acupunture for fertility here.

How many treatments do I need?

You will be recommended to consider 6 sessions to experience the benefit before a further evaluation of treatment. The treatment is on a weekly basis. Once the condition is resolved, it can be recommended monthly as maintenance or preventative care. These recommendations do not apply on clients who are under treatment for fertility.

Is acupuncture safe and beneficial during pregnancy?

It is absolutely safe. The majority of women have found they have more stamina to cope with labour. Feedback from women is that they have a sense of feeling positive within themselves particularly for those who previously had either eventful pregnancy or labour. Find out more about Acupuncture in pregnancy here.

Is there any risk of infection?

All needles are sterilised before use and disposed of after use. Needles are all single-use only. Bruising can happen but not often. Your skin will be cleansed before needle insertion.

Is it painful?

The majority of clients do not feel any discomfort except a dull aching sensation when the acupuncture point is in contact with the needle. The acupuncture needle itself is as fine as a string of human hair.

How do I choose an acupuncturist that suits me?

This is personal. It is similar to choosing a local GP. It is based on trust and rapport between clients and acupuncturist. Your reasons for considering acupuncture treatment will help you looking into the profile of the acupuncturists you are considering.

Do I need to bring anything ?

It varies with each acupuncturist.  For myself if any clients come to consult me regarding fertility, I will request copies of the results of any investigations, blood results, IVF protocol for drugs and also a report on their (partner’s) sperm analysis.  This information will be used to help create an individual acupuncture treatment.  For the pregnant woman to come for treatment, I will request for the hospital maternity notes to identify whether the pregnancy is considered high or low risk, as this may influence my advice.

How to I pay for the treatment?

Payment is per treatment.  It can be either cash or cheque but I do not have facilities to accept payment by credit cards. Find out about fees here.

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