When we started trying for our second child I didn’t even consider that I would have any problems conceiving as I had fallen pregnant so quickly with my daughter. However, a year later, with my periods sporadic and no ovulation tests working I was an emotional wreck and at my wits end. My GP ran some tests and send me for some scans and results came back showing that I had PCOS.

I read every article that I could find, listened to pod casts and completely changed my diet to one recommended for people with PCOS. I lost 3 stone but still was not ovulating and my periods had stopped completely. Each month in order to try and ovulate my GP had to give me medication to start my periods it felt so wrong.

During my research I read that acupuncture had been known to really help the PCOS condition so I contacted a few in my local area. I sent the same email to all of the practitioners and they all came back to me saying that they could help. Elaine’s email stood out to me as she congratulated me on losing the weight and taking the first steps to control the condition myself – that really touched me as I had been trying so hard to take control. I decided to go to Elaine’s practice and I thank God that I did.

Elaine, is a true professional but she is more than that too. We started each weekly session talking about my week and how I was feeling, I cried most weeks on her but at the end of each session I felt stronger from the talking and more and more confident that I was on the right path. The weekly sessions became my haven from the emotions that I was feeling about not being able to get pregnant. The first month I saw Elaine I had my first proper, non-medicated induced period that I had had since first trying to conceive. It felt like amazing to know that it had been brought on naturally with no drugs and I felt finally that my body was starting to work. That was June and I fell pregnant in August with – I could not believe it and I was in shock, overcome by happiness. When I found out I was pregnant Elaine was one of the first people that I told, she already had her suspicions from my weekly sessions but hadn’t said anything to me.

I continued to see Elaine during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and then again in the run up to my due date.

I know that without Elaine’s help I might not have been able to conceive my son which is amazing in itself, however, Elaine also helped me emotionally through one of the toughest times of my life and for that I will be forever grateful to her.

 Amy from Maidenhead

I found Elaine on the internet after several of my friends saying I should give acupuncture a go and I only wish I had found her earlier. She is simply amazing. After failing to get pregnant and being at my wits end she helped me to get bak on track. She helped me deal with a miscarriage and all the difficulties that come with this. She helped us get pregnant again, induce the labour and ultimately have a successful birth of our boy. Elaine will look at you as a whole and give lifestyle advice as well as doing the acupuncture. She was great at putting things into perspective for me especially when work was crazy busy. She has a great knowledge in the medical field and also has many contacts that she can advice you to see if you so wish. She will always listen and back you up with whatever decision you make. I really cannot say how much Elaine means to our family, she is simply brilliant. I would advice anyone who is having any kind of fertility issues to just go and have an initial conversation with her, you will not be disappointed. Her wicked sense of humour, calm approach and integrity are something you don’t find very often. I will definitely be going back to see her when we are trying for our second. Elaine, thankyou x

Claire from Datchet

Elaine came highly recommended to me by a close friend.  Following four unsuccessful IVF cycles and a miscarriage, I was at a particularly low point and looking for a complete change of treatment. I subsequently changed fertility clinics and began to see Elaine.  The new clinic was very different in its approach and Elaine helped to explain the processes, drugs etc  and their effects.  Every week we would discuss my treatment and Elaine would focus on how I was feeling and coping before we began any acupuncture sessions. I really benefitted from our conversations and she offered me a huge amount of advice and information.  I found our weekly sessions so beneficial and Elaine was always very generous with her time. Her calm approach definitely helped me to stay as relaxed as possible during my treatment. Elaine does not just offer acupuncture, she treats the person as a whole which I am positive is what made a big difference to me and I became pregnant on my next IVF cycle.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. I just wish I had found her when I first started on my IVF journey.

Emma from Marlow

I saw Elaine as my last resource after two missed miscarriages and 3 years of trying for a baby. I just wished, I have done it sooner! From the first appointment I finally felt like somebody properly listened to me, put a holistic plan in place and gave me a real inner belief that it will happen. And it did. I conceived within a month and with Elaine’s support seen the pregnancy through, as well as had an on time and short labour. I strongly recommend Elaine and not just any acupuncture, (I tried different acupuncturist before), to anybody. It’s a combination of her acupuncture, personable skills and books of knowledge, that make Elaine very unique. I will definitely be seeing her again when we decide it’s time for second baby.

Marta from Maidenhead

Elaine was recommended to me by my medical doctor, to support me through what would have been the start of fertility treatment. During my first session she asked me questions which made me think about my entire lifestyle and what I could do to improve it. The journey she took me on was a combination of acupuncture but more than that a road full of advice and experience which I would never have been able to replicate through reading books and websites.

She always listened, shared the options available to me and then supported me in the choices we had made. This combination led to us conceiving naturally which we did not think was possible.

Throughout the pregnancy she continued to listen and care.  Her collective experience as a qualified medical professional and acupuncturist make her the first and best person to see and the results certainly speak for themselves.

If you have any doubts at all about your fertility or pregnancy talk to Elaine first. I guarantee you will find her words and guidance invaluable.

             Bobby from Burchett’s Green  – Fertility Treatment

I came to Elaine for help on two of my three pregnancies to support with induction. On both occasions Elaine worked with me to successfully initiate natural labour. For my first child I naturally went into labour 10 days after my due date. For my second child I decided to try an alternative option of reflexology. This was not successful for me and I was induced at 42 weeks.. As a result for my third baby I decided to go back to Elaine for acupuncture as I wanted to avoid induction.

I cannot recommend Elaine enough, she is very unique in her expertise and skillset in that she can has a wealth of midwifery experience in addition to acupuncture. As such Elaine knew exactly how to support me and work with my midwife team. She came up with a programme and advice to enable me to have the strongest chance of going into labour naturally and making the most of early induction methods offered by the midwife team. I am sure this is the reason why I was not only able to go into labour naturally at 41 weeks but also have a wonderful birthing experience with minimal pain.

From my experience I would agree with what I have read, that acupuncture is the most successful complimentary therapy for natural induction. In addition to this i believe Elaine is probably one of the best practitioners for prenatal acupuncture in the country as she is able to combine her acupuncture experience with many years real life midwifery experience. Elaine is professional, experienced and honest, only offering her services if he genuinely thinks there is a chance to help. I felt very lucky to find Elaine and I would suggest to anyone thinking of trying prenatal acupuncture to contact Elaine, she is brilliant and a unique person. Thank you Elaine.

             Sue from Datchet – Pregnancy Care

I couldn’t recommend Elaine highly enough! I came to Elaine prior to commencing a third cycle of IVF (diagnosed ‘unexplained fertility’). We had already had 2 unsuccessful attempts…. and no acupuncture. I had read quite a lot about how it could help so thought I would give it a try. How glad are we that I did and how glad am I to have met Elaine!She is a kind and compassionate lady, calm, knowledgeable and supportive; and I believe Elaine helped me/my body where previously it had let me down. After we got pregnant I continued to see Elaine to ensure my body nurtured our baby as best as possible. Very pleased to say we had a beautiful baby girl!  So grateful to Elaine and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back if I had a health.. mind, body or soul issue. THANKS Elaine 🙂 x

Emily from Maidenhead – Pregnancy Care

My husband and I had decided to start a family and I wanted to do everything right. I had read about the benefits of acupuncture in fertility and its use in preconception. I came across Elaine’s website and contacted her.  She was attentive and thoughtful and answered all my questions.

Upon meeting her I was impressed with her knowledge, skill and superb  interpersonal skills.  I felt at ease and enjoyed the treatments.  I always felt that Elaine listened and cared about how I was doing. She was also accommodating with appointments when I had work commitments.

I fell pregnant within three months.  I continued with the acupuncture whilst pregnant and can honestly say I had no nausea and my energy levels remained good.  I would recommend Elaine highly. I will definitely be seeing her again when we plan on number two!

            Kajal from Burnham – Fertility

After an unusual reaction from a fertility medication, which left me in a hypertensive and anxious state, I decided to try acupuncture to alleviate my symptoms and restore my inner calm. After carrying out some research, I found Elaine to be most suited and qualified to understand my problems. I liked Elaine from the outset. She immediately put me at ease and understood what I was going through. Elaine’s medical background and her incredibly friendly manner not only gave me reassurance but also meant that I could put my complete faith and trust in her. Elaine’s ability to listen and then apply her insight to the acupuncture treatments is, in my opinion, profoundly skilful and very impressive. After only a few sessions, I started to notice a huge difference, which meant that I was on my way to recovery and retuning to my ‘normal’ self. Unlike other acupuncturists, I feel that Elaine has a rare quality that brings a spiritual dimension to the treatments she administers, and therefore feel very calm and comfortable when being treated by her. I would highly recommend Elaine to anyone looking for acupuncture treatments and thank her for helping me in my time of need and for the being the only person to understand my situation.

Shalina from Maidenhead – Anxiety and General Well-Being

After years and years of suffering with chronic insomnia & restless legs I decided to visit an acupuncturist as a last resort.

I found Elaine’s contact details online and arranged a visit to see if she could help my condition.
I didn’t hold much hope as I have tried many things over the years but nothing had helped with my awful sleeping patterns.

Elaine is a very knowledgeable, friendly and relaxed practitioner who understood my issue from our very first meeting.

I couldn’t believe that even after the initial consultation my sleeping pattern changed immediately, amazingly I had four nights solid sleep on the trot and dreams to match, something that I never usually did.

Now two years on despite the occasional hiccup when life is really hectic I am a completely changed sleeper, Elaine’s on-going treatments are still keeping my insomnia at bay.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Elaine to any of my family and friends in future.

Thank you Elaine

Martin from Wraysbury

Yes, I’m an acupuncture convert! I think the acupuncture and your kind words of encouragement really helped ensure a quick and easy labour with no pain relief or intervention required. Thank you!

Caren from Bourne End

I am very fortunate to have Elaine working so close to Windsor. I have been coming to see her ever since she was my midwife some years ago. I used to be extremely sensitive to medications and any sort of chemicals and had trouble taking medicine when I needed it. Elaine has treated me for this and I can now not only take the medicine I can also enjoy a glass of wine with my lunch without feeling ill after the very first sip! Thanks Elaine.

Billie from Windsor

I first saw Elaine in 2011, my husband had been seeing Elaine for insomnia and when my low mood did not lift and continued on a downward spiral to the point where I no longer appreciated life he suggested that I see if acupuncture could help.

Elaine explained to me in simple terms how acupuncture could help to balance the body by releasing energy and so enabling the body to heal itself.

Soon after commencing treatment I began to notice subtle changes in my responses and mood until overtime I realised that the “cloud” that had hung over me had begun to lift and that I was once again enjoying life for the first time in years.

Of course I do still feel anxious at times, anxiety is a normal human reaction to stressors; however I find that I am no longer debilitated by the fear/anxiety. It is as if the acupuncture enables me to bounce back and take control of my feelings. My body is in fact healing itself.

I cannot thank Elaine enough for her kindness over the past 18 months; she truly cares for her patients and I have always found her to be extremely welcoming and her support has been invaluable. Elaine goes that extra mile to ensure you receive the most from the treatment.

In my experience acupuncture is as good (if not better) than conventional treatments for low mood and anxiety. I have been prescribed antidepressants in the past and although they did lift my mood they all had undesirable side effects such as lethargy and decreased libido. After an acupuncture treatment I feel calm and relaxed for 24 hrs; this is sometimes followed by a short period of increased emotion (a release). I can then get on with “life”.

I would not hesitate in recommending Elaine and acupuncture to family and friends as an alternative or adjunct to conventional medicine.

Nicola from Wraysbury – anxiety and chronic low mood

At approximately week 27/28 I started to suffer with a condition  called pelvic groin disorder which affected the left side of my  pelvis causing me to limp and giving me considerable pain.   It got  progressively worse and at week 32 I was in so much agony that I  would hardly walk.   I visited the physio department at the local  hospital but there was nothing they could do apart from issue a belt  which did no good whatsoever.   At week 33 I was referred by my own  midwife to see Elaine as a practising acupuncturist and from weeks  33-38 I saw Elaine who not only managed to stablise the condition, in  the first instance, so that I could walk better without a major limp,  but also managed it so that at week 38 I had no pain at all and was  pretty much back to normal.  I was delighted with the results.  Now  after the birth my left pelvis is back to normal.

Alison from Stoke Poges – Pelvic Groin Disorder

It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I began treatment last September for emotional issues effecting my physical health and the associated lack of energy and concentration. I have maintained treatment and found that in a couple of weeks I was able to live a normal life and go back to work. One of the main physical improvements have been a stabilising of my energy levels, another is improved concentration and mental ability. My back, knee and leg pains have disappeared and emotionally I am more positive and can deal with life’s challenges with no problems. I return for treatment every five or six weeks to maintain my health. It is the best thing I ever did for myself and my family.

Adele from Reading – Emotional Issues

During my last two pregnancies I suffered from Karpal tunnel syndrome, and this continued after my last pregnancy. Physiotherapy and other alternative treatments had little or no effect. I have also been suffering from pre-menopause problems and a lack of energy. Investigation and tests from my G.P. could not find any source of the problems. Acupuncture treatment rapidly cured the Karpal tunnel syndrome, improved my energy, stopped my PMT headaches and reduced all my other symptoms. Western medicine was not able to do any of this for me. I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough.

Jenny from Warfield – Pre-Menopause Problems

I’m currently pregnant in my second pregnancy. At 12 weeks I started undergoing acupuncture treatment with Elaine for morning sickness, nausea, exhaustion and emotional symptoms. I suffered from terrible headaches which I was unable to cure with Paracetamol. I was tearful and felt unable to cope and being pregnant, I was unable to be treated with medicines from my GP. My midwife suggested I try acupuncture – I was cynical at first but after a couple of weekly sessions, I really began to feel the benefits, especially with the exhaustion, nausea and headaches. I felt energised, and with the nausea and headaches gone, I was emotionally able to cope. I had treatment for about 5 -6 weeks when I finally felt myself again. I also had eczema on my lower tummy and again I couldn’t use anything the GP could prescribe and all the over the counter emollients considered safe didn’t work. Acupuncture helped clear it within a few weeks. And then at around 30 weeks, I started suffering terribly with sciatica which I never had before. It was quite crippling and painful, especially if I had been still for any length of time, mainly in the morning or after driving – I couldn’t move! I understood that it would take a few sessions to aim to reduce the pain, but after one treatment, I started feeling the pain ease off and after about it week, it went away completely. Acupuncture has really helped me with all the problems that I have suffered throughout this pregnancy – Thank you Elaine!

Lisa from Langley – Acupuncture for pregnancy

Elaine is fabulous – she is clearly a very skilled acupuncturist (she has vastly improved my menstrual cycle when nothing else has helped, helped me conceive and maintain a pregnancy, but also really boosted my general wellbeing) but just as importantly is wonderfully easy to talk to and always sympathetic and full of great advice. I would whole heatedly recommend her to anyone and regularly do!

Hel from Bray – Acupuncture for pregnancy

I first saw Elaine in 2008 in an attempt to try and bring on my labour which to my surprise was a success.  I was also extremely fortunate that Elaine was also on call at Heatherwood when I went into labour and delivered my son.  I am sure that the acupuncture not only helped to bring on my labour but also ensured it was quick and that I did not need an epidural .  I also went to see Elaine for acupuncture when I was pregnant with my second son as I had bad back pain which again Elaine eased. I was again blessed to have Elaine present at the birth of my second son, she brings such calm, knowledge and reassurance that you cannot help but to feel at ease.  After my second son, when  I returned back to work, I started to really struggle with my sleep and developed insomnia, which really got me down, so I returned once again to Elaine, who to my amazement got me back on track.  I now see Elaine once a month to maintain my general health and wellbeing and  to ensure my insomnia doesn’t come back and to keep my hormones in check.  I cannot thank Elaine enough for all that she has done for me, she is truly one of life’s angels, and always go above and beyond what is required, I would whole heartily recommend Elaine to anyone.

Libby, Windsor

I met Elaine after 3 failed pregnancies, thankfully they were early miscarriages but at 41 I knew that I needed something to help Mother Nature! I truly believe that acupuncture and Elaine helped to balance my body so that thankfully the next time my body systems were stronger and my pregnancy was managed and nurtured and I had an amazingly straight forward pregnancy which Elaine helped to keep balanced and sustained throughout. She was also a wealth of knowledge and a great support and I truly believe that she is the reason that it all went so well and now I have a beautiful little girl!

I will be eternally grateful!!

Many many thanks

Lisa, Maidenhead

I met Elaine 5 years ago; she was my midwife. I decided to take acupuncture sessions with her as I was quite anxious and stressed during my pregnancy.

I had tried to become pregnant for some time, and although my first IVF was successful initially, I had a miscarriage at the 8th week of pregnancy. Due to this sad experience I was very anxious during the second IVF pregnancy.

This is when I decided to take acupuncture sessions with Elaine.

Elaine is very calm, and helped me relax and step back. In addition to the acupuncture sessions, which really helped me enormously, Elaine has taught me some relaxation techniques and recommended a cd, which has also helped me at home.

Since then, I have always recommend her to my friends and I am still seeing her for treatment for back pain, sinusitis, or simply to help me relax. Young children can take up a lot of your energy, and when I come to Elaine to reload,  my 4 year old daughter happily stays entertained by Elaine’s iPad during my acupuncture session.

My family and I are very grateful for all the attention, the care and support Elaine has offered us. She is an excellent professional and a wonderful person.

Mari, Windsor

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